About us PT ABC President Indonesia
About us PT ABC President Indonesia
About us PT ABC President Indonesia
About us PT ABC President Indonesia
About us PT ABC President Indonesia

About Company

PT ABC President Indonesia (ABCPI) was established in September 1991 under a joint venture agreement between PT ABC Central Food of Indonesia and Uni-President Enterprises Corporation of Taiwan (until 2018, when Uni-President Enterprises Corporation of Taiwan sold its shares in ABCPI to the local shareholders).

“ABC” is a well-known brand and considered one of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in Indonesia. Having an original philosophy of “satisfying our customers’ needs”, “ABC” has continuously evolved and steadily expanded its business. The brand has now become a famous household name, known for its good quality.

ABCPI is also one of the key players in Indonesian and International Instant Noodle Market with our “hot-flavor variant”

Selera pedas as our specialty. In Indonesia, Mi ABC is available nationwide through national distribution networks. The international export markets are spread across the global continents.

ABCPI’s factory is located in Desa Walahar, Karawang, West Java, with an area of 7.0 hectares. When commencing its operation in July 1992, ABCPI was only producing instant noodles.

In September 2005, ABCPI started to produce Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Beverage product called: Green Tea, which was the pioneer of RTD Green Tea in PET bottle in Indonesia. To support Nu Green Tea’s innovative concept, ABCPI was the first to engaged in a state-of-art technology : PET Aseptic Filling Technology, a technology to ensure products deliver winning tastes and aromas. Until present day, Nu Green Tea continues to be the market leader in RTD Green Tea category in Indonesia. As a leader in the F&B manufacturing industry, ABCPI will keep on innovating and evolving with a mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs by creating products that inspire goodness and nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Company Values

Growth Mindset
Engagement & Inclusion
Trust & Transparency

Vision & Mission


To be the preferred todays taste for a more meaningful life.

New taste

Delicious, High Quality, Healthy, Innovative, Trendy

Mission - Brand

Bring to customers a high value brand with a good quality and innovative food & beverage products that satisfy peoples needs and desires.

Mission - Society

To be great place to work for people who have passion to grow and achieve both individual and organizational success.

Mission - Shareholders

To continously maximize stakeholders value and be a good corporate citizen.

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