PT ABC President's activities during the covid pandemic

Even though the Covid pandemic has hit this country, PT ABC President Indonesia does not stop to continue distributing its products throughout Indonesia to ensure sufficient supplies for its consumers.

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NEW! NU Choco Hazeltea #FixEnak

Follow your tongue and taste the indulging creaminess of NU Choco Hazeltea #FixEnak

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Fusion Selera Pedas with Indonesian Traditional Food!

In collaboration with Local Influencer, Boengkoes Network, Mi ABC Selera Pedas has found a new hidden gem!

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Creative! Nu Tea's Eid Billboard went Viral

Nu Tea's Eid billboard went viral on social media. Quoted from, a Twitter user, Farchan, uploaded a photo of a Nu Green Tea advertising billboard.

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#Cuti5menit with Nu Oceana

In the midst of this pandemic, the majority of companies are already performing work from home policy. For some people, working at home has its own challenges, one of which is how to be in a condition of remaining productive.

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