#Cuti5menit with Nu Oceana

In the midst of this pandemic, the majority of companies are already performing work from home policy. For some people, working at home has its own challenges, one of which is how to be in a condition of remaining productive.

In order to stay productive while working from home, let's try the 5 minute leave/ break echoed by NU Oceana. Adopting the Pomodoro Technique, created by Francesco Cirillo. This technique has proven to increase work productivity effectively. The way it works is rather simple, all we need is a timer.

Set a timer for 25 minutes for working, then you entitled for 5 minutes leave/ break. Remember, only 5 minutes. During this 5 minutes, please opted to drink NU Oceana which helps prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in the body and enriched with Lemon as a source of Vitamin C.

Additionally, you can also choose to playing game, listening to music, or simply scrolling through social media timeline. Those activities can be your 5 minutes leave/ break choices too.

Don't forget to do your #cuti5menit with NU Oceana to recharge your body and restore productivity at work from home!

(Article on 5 minutes leave are also published on kumparan.com : https://kumparan.com/millennial/tips-tetap-produktif-dengan-cuti-5-menit-1tHNaJcS8DX/full)

/ 3 years ago

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